Die Namen auf den Listen bekommen Gesichter: Dr. Ludwig Königsberger mit Tochter Marietta und Ehefrau Jenny. Für diese Eisleber Familie haben wir 2008 unsere ersten Stolpersteine verlegt.


Diesen Brief erhielten wir von Mrs. Chadwick-Case aus den USA. Sie ist mit Jenny Königsberger, geb. Eckstein verwandt, die in der Shoa ermordet wurde:

Dear Staff at Eisleben Synagogue,

I offer you my sincere thanks for giving my family closure for my great-aunt Jenny Eckstein, her husband Dr. jur. Ludwig Koenigsberger and their sixteen year old daughter Marietta. For years my grandmother (Katherine Eckstein Goldberg) searched in vain for the whereabouts of her sister Jenny. Your website and family group sheets (and a translator) have documented our relative’s residence in Eisleben. According to your website, notary public and lawyer Dr. Ludwig Koenigsberger was the „last representative of the Jewish community in Eisleben“. You provided for us the history, stories and dates of the deportation of Jenny, Marietta and Ludwig to Izbica and on to Sobibor. All three were exterminated on 3 Jun 1942. We are eternally grateful for this information. I wish my grandmother had lived long enough to know the answer; perhaps it is better that she did not.

Your links also provided us with much more information on Jenny’s sister Emmy (who was able to escape to America), and other family letters of personal interest.

I would like to make a contribution to the synagogue as a token of my appreciation; perhaps you can tell me how to do this. My contribution must be small, but hopefully it will help a little toward your restoration project.

With great heart,

Wendy Chadwick-Case

I would be honored to have you publish anything I send you, and you may use my name. I am proud of my heritage and am interested in making any connections that may exist today.