Die Rosenthals waren eine bekannte Kaufmannsfamilie in Eisleben.


Dear members of the Eisleben Synagogue Committee,

My name is Rolly Rosen, I am the granddaughter of Willy Rosenthal who was born in Eisleben in 1890. It was only recently, through the research of the wife of my cousin from Australia, that we found out about your website and the immensely impressive work you are doing, amongst others also about our family. It was really a unique experience, suddenly finding a webpage about my grandfather who I never met, and who died so long ago… We were all very surprised and touched by the fact that somewhere, in this far away town (for us) people still care and have gone through all the trouble of trying to collect information about our family members.  As today is the Memorial day of the Holocaust in Israel, and we are thinking about them and all they went through, I somehow thought it would be appropriate to write to you and thank you for all the efforts you have put into remembering these long forgotten members of your community.

From Haifa in Israel, we send you our thanks and true appreciation.

Vielen Dank, und mit herlizhchen Gruessen

Rolly Rosen